TEO WISE (AND HIS MOMMY) – spaghetti r’n’r/garage/synth-punk – KÖLN

Teo Wise is straight Italian singsong writing who can’t sit still.
His music meets in the center between past and future creating a flash light that will warm up your little heart and making you feel at home , jumping on the little bed of your childhood.
It doesn’t matter what you have learned , take some glue and some random stuff, put them together and create whatever you want. Teo’s favorite part is live shows, which he does with his band “Teo Wise and His Mommy”. He’s new album “Less Go!” is gonna be released in March, completely written, played and mixed by him. There is no musical genre in Teo’s sounds, you can choose how to call it or you can call it as he calls it, “Spaghetti RNR”